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Revitalizing tomorrow's energy with today's waste: Crafting eco-friendly, battery-grade materials from recycled Lithium Ion Batteries for a sustainable spark.

About Prithvi Cleantech

Prithvi Cleantech Private Limited was incorporated on 06 February 2021. It's India's leading Li-ion Battery Recycling company, along with which it holds a license for the recycling of up to 5000 metric tons of Lithium-ion batteries, committed to the 3Rs: Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce.
We specialize in environmentally-friendly processes that recover valuable materials like a black mass, lithium, bi-products, copper, Nickel, cobalt, aluminium, Manganese and plastic. These processes minimize CO2 emissions and conserve natural resources.

R&D Plant

Prithvicleantech's primary focus is on research and innovation extends to advancing technologies for the existing energy framework and developing solutions necessary for the future solar economy.

Environmental Compliance

Our company is dedicated to maintaining the highest environmental standards in the production and disposal of lithium-ion batteries, ensuring sustainability and responsibility at every stage.


We seek to engage with stakeholders, suppliers, and partners to drive collective action toward sustainable lithium-ion battery practices, fostering awareness and responsibility across the value chain.

Our Mission

PrithviCleantech is dedicated to revolutionizing waste recycling, focusing on lithium-ion battery waste through innovative management technology.

  • Mission: Provide environmentally responsible and effective solutions to clients, society, and stakeholders.
  • State-of-the-art facility: Launching a 4-acre facility in Hapur district, UP, in 2026.
  • Capacity: End-to-end recycling of 10,000 MT per annum of Li-ion batteries.
  • Expansion: In the process of acquiring an additional 10 acres for a specialized facility for lithium-ion batteries, e-waste, solar panels, vehicles, and tire recycling.

With a vision to lead the industry in revolutionizing waste recycling through innovative lithium-ion battery management technology, while promoting sustainability and responsible environmental solutions. Prithvicleantech aims to set the standard for providing employment, and education and contributing to a cleaner, greener world.

Why Recycle?

The demand for materials used in Lithium-ion batteries currently stands at approximately 1,200,000 metric tonnes in 2022, solely for Electric Vehicles. Projections indicate a substantial increase, reaching 7,500,000 metric tonnes by 2030.

Considering the existing scarcity of Rare Earth metals, recycling used Lithium-ion cells becomes imperative. This is particularly crucial because nearly all of these Earth Metals can be recovered from these cells. By doing so, we can gradually diminish our reliance on mining activities and reintegrate these otherwise discarded resources into the market.

This approach marks the initiation of a genuinely sustainable Circular Economy.

Public Awareness

Our strong commitment to promoting public awareness about the recycling of lithium-ion batteries through several impactful initiatives and strategies:

  • Our educational outreach programs promote lithium ion battery recycling through school presentations, College industrial visits, workshops and materials, raising awareness about responsible disposal.
  • Public Relations and Media Campaigns: We employ public relations and media campaigns to promote lithium ion battery recycling, using press releases, media interviews, and social media outreach to communicate its benefits to a wide audience.
  • Informational Resources and Content Creation: We create and distribute informative resources, including videos and online content to educate the public about lithium ion battery recycling, its environmental impact, and the value of recycled materials.
  • Ethical Commitment: Committed to ethical and sustainable practices, our efforts in public awareness aim to foster a culture of responsible battery disposal for a greener future.

Through these concerted efforts, Prithvi Cleantech has played a pivotal role in raising public awareness about the importance of recycling lithium-ion batteries.

By leveraging a multifaceted approach that encompasses education, media engagement, collaboration and informational resources our company has significantly contributed to shaping public attitudes and behaviours toward responsible battery disposal and recycling.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

PrithviCleantech is committed to implementing proactive measures to minimize the ecological footprint of lithium-ion batteries, ensuring responsible production, usage, and disposal practices in alignment with sustainable principles.

  • Embracing EPR necessitates a entire approach to the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries, encompassing responsible sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, product usage, and end-of-life disposition.
  • With EPR guiding our actions, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of lithium-ion batteries, including reducing resource consumption, emissions, and waste generation associated with their production and usage.
  • EPR encourages us to embrace a circular economy mindset, promoting battery reuse, recycling, and recovery to minimize the environmental burden of raw material extraction and waste disposal.
  • We are committed to complying with relevant regulations and standards governing the responsible management of lithium-ion batteries, ensuring adherence to legal requirements and ethical considerations.
  • Through EPR, we seek to engage with stakeholders, suppliers, and partners to drive collective action toward sustainable lithium-ion battery practices, fostering awareness and responsibility across the value chain.

We prioritize our commitment to environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and sustainable technology utilization.


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